Company History


Versalux has been bringing state-of-the-art products to the Australasian lighting market for 40 years and has been integral to the evolution and revolution that is part of the lighting journey.

A heritage that spans 4 decades has forged a solid profile in many facets of commercial and industrial lighting and established strong relationships with key international suppliers. We are proud of our great depth of lighting experience and repertoire of major projects within Australia and New Zealand across a diverse range of markets and products.

That rich history extends to our relationships with market leading luminaire manufacturers such as Architech, Quality Art, the Glamox Luxo group, Mooslicht, Faeber, LYA, Ares and Abel.

Fael Luce is the latest premium performance brand that we proudly represent in our region. Leaders in Metal Halide floodlighting over many decades, Fael Luce have taken the time to develop high end purpose designed LED floodlighting equipment that will withstand the harsh rigours of the Australian environment with unprecedented levels of performance.

Lighting designers and producers alike are faced with increased compliance with a growing number of standards relating to lighting design and luminaire construction, as well as various energy and building construction codes and schemes.

Versalux’ commitment to quality in lighting design and luminaire assembly embraces the compliance regime and ensures best in class lighting solutions for our clients. Our innovative sales and design teams are the cream of the lighting industry with a formidable combination of expertise and passion for lighting, making us the logical partner for your next project or application.