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Design Capabilities

The ability to convey the emotion of a lighting design or demonstrate compliance with the myriad of Standards which apply to most applications is at the heart of being a true ‘lighting’ business. Versalux / Archilux offer multi-faceted design support from the provision of basic photometric information to complex and detailed calculations, 3D renders, visualisations and walk-throughs.  Versalux Archilux employs qualified lighting designers who share a passion for lighting and deliver creative and practical outcomes.

We can assist with energy auditing, BCA consumption evaluations, payback assessments, whole of life costs, recommended maintenance scheduling and control systems to get the best from your tailored solution.  Our design team is here to help you achieve a lighting outcome that meets the compliance requirements of the day while injection some personality and passion into this very creative medium; when all is said and done, “lighting is for people”

Now more than any time in the history of lighting, evolving technologies, particularly surrounding LED, are undergoing generational revolution at least every six months.  We pride our dedication to our art and our ability to stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing lighting landscape.

Versalux Calculation Renders