Legal Warranty Claim Procedure

Warranty Claim Procedure

Should a client wish to pursue a warranty claim occur due to defective operation, materials or workmanship, Versalux Archilux will rectify the issue in accordance with our warranty statement.
In the event that goods need to be returned for repair or replacement, the following procedure shall be followed:

  1. Contact Versalux at the earliest possible opportunity, either via email [] or by telephone [ (03) 8878 2000 ], with the following minimum information:
    1. Fitting type, description and code.
    2. Date of purchase, invoice number, customer.
    3. Total quantity purchased compared to quantity with issues.
  2. To assist us in swift processing of the claim, we require the claimant’s help to understand the environment in which the luminaires are installed and operate. Depending on the complexity of the issue Versalux may require a Customer Field Report to be completed. Photo images are appreciated and may be requested by Versalux. Regardless of the issue, a detailed description of the problem, when and how it is occurring is always required.
  3. At least one luminaire will need to be returned back to base at the customer’s expense.
  4. In all cases a GRN (Goods Return Number) is required for any and all products being returned. Once the claim has been approved by Versalux Archilux, or in the case of a luminaire being sent back for inspection related to a claim, a GRN will be issued to the claimant as an official Goods Return Authority. Any goods returned to Versalux Archilux without a GRN will not be accepted, and any costs relating to re-direction of the goods will be borne by the claimant.
  5. In the case that Versalux Archilux elects to send any replacement fittings prior to any returns to assist the customer, they will be invoiced at full price and a credit will only be provided on return of the original goods in saleable condition after an engineering inspection.
  6. Versalux Archilux reserves the right to rectify by means of repair, exchange or replacement wholly at our own discretion. The decision for method of rectification will take place after inspection of the product.
  7. Where damage is alleged to be caused during delivery to the customer the incident must be reported in writing within 3 days after delivery.
  8. All cost associated with the return of goods will be borne by the customer.