MelaGen™ – The Range

MelaGen™ – The Range

We have just released the first wave of luminaires with MelaGen™ capability to the market.


Passenger cabin

The ASTI MELAGEN™ series of LED panel luminaires combines performance and visual comfort in a sleek package. Designed to meet a variety of applications without compromise, its simple aesthetic conceals numerous technological features.

• MelaGen™ powered product for low, high, or transitional M/P ratios
• High performance LED panel luminaire
• T-bar recessed as standard, accessories for plaster recessing, surface mounting or wire suspension



Passenger cabin

The COMO MELAGEN™ is a premium range of LED downlights specifically designed for interior applications where high luminaire efficiency and reduced glare are required.

• MelaGen™ powered product for low, high, or transitional M/P ratios
• Highly versatile family of premium recessed LED downlights
• Large selection of light outputs and dimmability options



The LUCCA MELAGEN™ low-profile circular LED luminaires designed for general purpose illumination. Surface or pendant mounting options with direct/indirect optics created from two separated LED arrays.

Passenger cabin

• MelaGen™ powered product for low, high, or transitional M/P ratios
• Low-profile circular luminaire for surface mounted or suspended applications
• Low-glare direct/indirect opalescent optics


MelaGen™ Blue luminaires feature specialised blue-enriched LED chips with a high M/P ratio of 0.95, and nominal colour characteristics of 4000K, CRI90, for instances where an alerting effect is desired through suppression of melatonin release.


MelaGen™ ReFresh luminaires feature specialised blue-depleted LED chips with low M/P ratio of 0.35, and nominal colour characteristics of 2200K, CRI90, for instances where melatonin release is desired to prepare for sleep and deep rest.


MelaGen™ ReGen luminaires feature a combination of both MelaGen™ Blue and MelaGen™ ReFresh LED chips allowing for transitions between the 0.35-0.95 M/P ratio modes of illumination (from nominal 2200-4000K), CRI90, for promotion of optimal sleep cycles within permanently occupied spaces such as those that exist in hospitality, military, healthcare, aged-care, and correctional facilities.