Versalux's new state of the art facilities are now in operation in Mitcham. The modern design incorporates innovative lighting concepts designed for superlative effect, energy savings and maintenance reduction, demonstrating our expertise in lighting as well as the quality, performance and depth of our product range.

360 In Situ 1

Which Task Light?

When choosing your task light, your individual and personal requirements should be taken into account. So should your age. The …

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L 1 Architecture

The L-1 story…

Jac Jacobsen Jac Jacobsen (1901-1996) was in his thirties when he launched Luxo L-1. His approach to competition was distinctly …

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L 1 Le Corbusier Colours

L-1 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Colour Collection

2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the original Luxo L-1 task light, designed by Norwegian industrialist Jac Jacobsen in 1937. …

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Task Lamp Setup Guide 2

Guide to Workstation Lighting

The right light: Optimal workstation lighting Workstation lighting is much more important than most people imagine. Our working environment, work …

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Mining & Resource Sector Lighting

Tough, dependable luminaires are our speciality for mining projects, with a wide range of enhanced versions designed specifically for the …

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Lobby Render Downlights

LED sources & Downlights

A luminaire’s central purpose is to house a light source so that it can be used in a given environment. …

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Linear Uplight Wall Render

Exterior Wall Illumination

Lighting external objects via recessed luminaires can produce wonderful results, however care must be taken to avoid falling into the …

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