Legal Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement

Versalux Archilux warrants to the buyer the satisfactory operation of their products for a period of twelve (12) months to five (5) years (depending on specific type of product – see product series pages for clarification) from the date of invoice when used under normal conditions suitable for its intended use.

Within the guarantee period any defects affecting Versalux Archilux products, as a result of faulty materials, components or workmanship, will be rectified free of charge. Versalux Archilux reserves the right to rectify by repair, exchange or replacement. The rectification will take place after inspection of the suspect product being returned to Versalux Archilux.

Versalux Archilux passes on our suppliers’ warranties for ancillary items and components such as lamps.

The warranty does not cover, and Versalux Archilux will not be liable for:

  • Parts and materials subject to continuous wear,
  • Operation of more than 10 hours per day unless otherwise advised in writing,
  • Problems resulting from external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, negligence, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion or natural disaster.
  • Conditions demonstrating faulty or poor installation methods, misapplication, extreme environmental conditions beyond that defined in the product specification, under/over voltage situations, electrical surges, inconsistent or “dirty” power supply issues, lack of compliance with applicable instructions, improper or inadequate handling / shipping / maintenance, negligence or tampering.
  • Incompatibility or improper use / design / manufacture / installation / operation and maintenance of associated products not supplied by Versalux Archilux.
  • Situations in which Versalux Archilux’s products or components are replaced with those of another manufacturer without the written approval of Versalux Archilux.
  • Small defects having negligible effect in value or operation.

The warranty does not apply to any other claims (e.g. additional cost incurred by the customer) unless agreed by Versalux Archilux in writing.